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 Our strong commercial mindset and passion for quality are key aspects of our approach. Our medical devices are used to improve patient outcomes every day and we use our expertise to support innovators around the world by offering innovative tools, technologies, and solutions

which can help them bring devices to market faster. We work with the partners who share our passion for quality and efficiency: 



JUNE is an award winning medical device distributor with presence in Europe, USA, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin America. 

If appropriate, JUNE can take your product to market and be your sales partner. 

Psephos Biomedica


Psephos Biomedica was founded in 2001 and works with clients from around the world to help them bring medical technologies to market. Our close collaboration is founded on knowledge exchange and mutual respect. 

Meridian Medical Limited


Meridian Medical is an established and experienced medical device manufacturer specialising in sterile and non-sterile medical device development and supply. A family owned business with decades of experience. 

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