The Process


The medical device innovation ecosystem has complex nuances and there can be many challenges to overcome when bringing a new product to market.

We take care of every step along the way keeping you up to date with the critical milestones across the product development.


Our Promise

It is vital that we build a trusting relationship with you from the start. In order to do so, we ensure there is a nondisclosure agreement in place before you share any information with us.

This agreement will set out the terms under which information will be kept confidential and any discussion that falls within the scope of a product idea. This signed agreement will provide you with the reassurance of knowing that the information you disclose is and will remain confidential

and that your IP is protected. We are flexible and offer different levels of collaboration. 

Levels of Collaboration

Here at Mosaic our goal is to help you achieve better patient outcome by offering end-to-end solutions and opportunities for collaboration at different levels:

Mosaic Connect

Mosaic Innovate

Mosaic Connect


 We are often approached by medical professionals who have been using a product for years with great results but can no longer source it. We believe it’s important to listen to those who use medical devices on a day to day basis which is why we will make it our mission to source the product you require or find a suitable alternative. We will discuss your requirements and develop a comprehensive brief for our team who will work with you to find the right solution.

Mosaic Enhance

Mosaic Innovate

Mosaic Connect


 Often medical professionals want to find ways to make improvements to medical devices they use regularly whether that’s through small modifications or fashioning a new version of the device. By collaborating with the innovator, the medical device creator and any associated parties, we deliver cutting edge solutions with a human-centred approach .

Mosaic Innovate

Mosaic Innovate

Mosaic Innovate


You will receive our support from the early stages of the product inception cycle. Our objective is simple: perfect an idea, create a compelling and executable product design strategy and deliver a product along with a comprehensive commercialisation strategy. We will work with you right from the beginning to identify strengths and opportunities and spot risks. As the innovator, you will have full ownership of the product rights and will play an active role throughout the process.

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